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“AccessElite is the first total health and wellness program empowering consumers to put their wellbeing into their own hands.”

AccessElite: Wellness made easy!

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Ok people, I’m SO EXCITED to have partnered with AccessElite and be able to tell you about this amazing new company. They are currently in Orange County, San Diego, and Dallas- with Scottdale, Miami, NYC, San Francisco and more to come soon!

I do not know about you, but I HATE making healthcare appointments- especially now being an adult. There are so many things to think about… finding a practitioner – Are they legit? Do they have good reviews? Do they take my insurance? When can they get me in? How long will the phone call take to even make the appointment? What is their availability? How much paperwork will I have to fill out? How long will the appointment even take? How much will this cost out of my own pocket? 

This process always gives me a lot of stress and anxiety, to the point where I end up not even attempting to make an appointment. Or, I’ll finally make the appointment only to have it months in advance and end up not going because of a conflict that comes up when the time finally comes. WELL… all this can be changed with AccessElite.

Let’s start with my personal experience…. 

Like I said before, I hate going to doctors, so I decided to start with wellness… Let me tell you about Emotion Coding… 

looking at wellness services!

In terms of “wellness”, there are many cool things to choose from such as estheticians, IV therapy, integrative medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture, personal trainers, spas, etc (just scroll through the endless list of practitioners and offerings!!)

I decided to go outside the box and choose something called Emotion Coding with Justin Steinhouser in Newport Beach, CA (recommended to me!!). Emotion coding is a technique that works by getting rid of emotional baggage: see picture and website for more details!

Purify message center: website description

All I did was search the AccessElite app, found Justin, looked at his offerings, chose emotion coding, looked at his open times, found the best fit for me, and that was it! Two seconds later I got a confirmation text from AccessElite and an email with any additional details. 

Once I got to the practice for my appointment, I checked in on the app, and was seen ON TIME. Justin was amazing (he explained everything about emotional coding and how the session would go). The experience was so unique; he even sent me all the details of the appointment after in an email… see below (got approval from him to show you this!)

Follow-up email from Justin with our session notes!

Since I had such a good experience, I was ready to brave a health appointment- the dentist, ugh:

As I mentioned before, making “health” related appointments gets me stressed- especially because insurance is so confusing (however, you take a picture and upload your insurance card and information to the secure app, so AccessElite and the provider take care of the rest beforehand = no hassle or paperwork on your end before the appointment! *note- this is optional!). I followed the same steps as above- choose a local dentist, picked a good time, confirmed my appointment … and this is where my LOVE for AccessElite fully developed!!!

So… the dentist had some questions regarding my insurance, so AccessElite looked into it FOR ME. GUYS they actually called my insurance company for me, talked to them about what and who I’m covered with and figured out I can not use any provider from AccessElite. Instead of dropping it there- because technically their job would be done…. THEY called my dentist, figured out times they are available, asked me which option works best for me, then recalled them and scheduled the appointment FOR ME! Let me tell you.. I was SHOOK! All that work they did for me, all the work that usually stresses me out, all that work they did not even need to do- but they did it! and it’s done, set, confirmed- and I didn’t have to do anything.

Okay now that you heard about my experience with this company, let me tell you a little more about them…

AccessElite ensures you have access to the best health and wellness professionals when you need them. You no longer have to deal with the hassle of searching for doctors or specialists, calling and sitting on hold, or waiting in the waiting rooms. Enjoy convenient, high-quality care on your schedule so you can become the healthiest version of yourself.

AccessElite is the first total health and wellness program empowering consumers to put their wellbeing into their own hands: “We connect our members with an elite network of local health and wellness specialists through our mobile app and provide a first-class experience from start-to-end.” 

Users can:

“Book instant appointments, skip the waiting room, share medical information easily, follow-up via direct message, and access a 24/7 support team!!”

AccessElite is transforming the healthcare experience into one that helps each and every member live a happier, healthier life.

Their mission statement:

We appreciate that every person has one life to live and one body to do it in. We will stop at nothing when it comes to delivering the health and wellness products, services, and experiences that people need to live their best lives.

Home page after you download the app!
specialist search page!

They are NOT kidding- it is so freaking easy! And GUESS WHAT!!! Being an AccessElite member.. You get up to 30% off ALL  wellness services!!!! Saving that money tho! 

So, let me break it down a bit…

  1. Download the app
  2. Make your profile (this will take a few minutes or so: fill in all your information regarding age, sex, ht/wt, insurance cards, medical info, etc) ***note: this step is optional and they understand if people don’t want to share their personal information!

Complete your medical profile!

  1. Choose your plan: Revive (Health), Rejuvenate (Wellness), Renew (Combo)
  2. Search all nearby providers- you can search by location, provider type, specialists name, etc (if you click on the provider it will give you a brief description of them, what they do, what services you can book, and all the times they are available!!!) – **this was a huge one for me!!
  3. Choose a service, then choose a day/time that’s open (they will always have same-day and next-day options)… click your choice, and boom- you’re done! **no phone call, no waiting on hold, no figuring out schedules, no stress!

Scheduling an appointment = EASY!

  1. You will get a confirmation text and a detailed email with all your booking information.
  2. *** and here is the HUGE thing- if there are any questions/concerns with insurance, time, etc… the AccessElite team will take care of it!!! Like WHAT?? 


Have I convinced you yet!!! GUYS this company is a freaking GAME CHANGER for health and wellness. Easy searching/scheduling. Vetted and handpicked local health and wellness providers. Same-day or next-day appointments. Minimal wait time. No hassle/extra forms and paperwork to fill out. 24/7 help from the AccessElite team. Up to 30% off the regular cost of wellness services. Free or low cost to local wellness events/meetups … keeping up with your health has NEVER been easier and I am HERE FOR IT!!!

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