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Favorite bars/snack products

When I snack... I snack GOOD! ;)

When I tell someone im a registered dietitian…. 

There are always a few responses that come out..

  1. OMG do not look at what im eating
  2. Can you fix my diet
  3. Oh, you must eat perfectly then
  4. What foods do you eat/suggest?

Honestly, I always get nervous telling people because of those first three questions. Let me clear things up a bit… 

***RDs are REAL PEOPLE TOO and we eat ALL FOODS!

 I am NOT the food police, I do NOT judge people for eating something, I do NOT eat “perfectly!” and… I LOVE to snack. 

One question I have been getting a lot is… what are good snack option? Well, here are some of my favorites at the moment to give you all some ideas!

Favorite bars/snack products




NO shame in the snack game!

Let me know what other foods/product recommendations you want. Always open to give some suggestions/ share my current favs at the moment!! 🙂

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