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Female Feature Friday #2

I challenge whoever is reading this to find what it holding you back from being your most interesting true self.

Abbey @veggie_trails

What Makes your Life Interesting

I have always dreaded those awkward group introductions; say your name, what school you go to, your major, and one interesting fact. Without fail, my voice always chocks, coughs, or squeaks when I try say my name. After listing the mandatory facts, I take a pause. “Oh, right and an interesting fact.” Pretending I forgot, but really, I have been trying to think of something for the past half hour. I have lived 22 years, that’s about 8030 new, unique days bringing new experiences, yet I am failing to recall one interesting thing. I usually would end up taking a spin off of what the person next to me said. “Oh, yeah I went on a trip to ____ last summer.”

When I started my food Instagram, I quickly became obsessed with it. Could this be my interesting fact? I became obsessed with eating healthy, taking pictures of food, engaging with other Instagrammers, and scrolling through posts. I started skipping out on social events if I didn’t think there would be something for “me to eat,” and saying no to going out with friends. If I did go out, I had to be the one to order the most “healthy” option. Dessert? No thank you. What I originally found fun and exciting was making me stressed.  I had to keep up with what everyone else was doing, they’re eating this so I should be eating this. They’re not eating this, so I shouldn’t be eating this. Let me just say it here, if you listen to what everyone says on social media, you would have no options left to eat! It is too easy to play the comparison game. Scrolling through social media you may find yourself wishing you were somewhere else and doing something else. Low and behold, what I thought would be my interesting fact was actually making me less interesting. I am not going to lie, I still love taking pictures, eating healthy, and engaging on Instagram. The difference now is it doesn’t control my life. I am not thinking 24/7 of what I am going to post next if I am even going to post at all that day (the horror!). If you find yourself in the same boat as me, try taking a social media “break.” A day, week, month, etc. off social media. You’ll be surprised how much more time you have not scrolling through posts or having your mind consumed by your phone.

I challenge whoever is reading this to find what it holding you back from being your most interesting true self. The first step is being able to recognize it. It is a lot harder than it sounds. I then had to focus on who I wanted to be, a goal per say. I did not want to be known as “the girl who eats healthy and has a food Instagram.” I had to let go what was feeding my distraction from living my life, which was pulling my distraction in every which way but the right way. I had to do a cannon ball out of my comfort zone. No tip-toeing into cold water here. I told myself I would say “YES” to things that I would have previously said no to doing. One of the most important pieces was recognizing that I do not, will not, and never will be perfect. This requires me to apologize to myself when I make mistakes and not consume myself with failure.

SO in the end here are some facts I learned about me that do not include being the girl who eats healthy food:

  • I am in graduate school to become a physical therapist. It is TOUGH work but I am loving it.
  • Once I start a puzzle, I can easily lose 3 hours of my day because I can’t step away from it.
  • I LOVE icecream. I grew up next to a dairy farm and I even work at an ice cream shop now! My favorite is lavender blueberry from our shop but I will never turn down a classic vanilla chocolate soft serve waffle cone.
  • I have only broken one bone in my life from running which is astonishing from the things I did growing up (riding four-wheelers off hills, jumping out of trees onto our trampoline, using sheets as a parachute off our tree house)
  • I love drinking coffee(s) on the porch swing on summer mornings.
  • I am not much of a talker but I love listening to other people.
  • I have a 1-year-old Goldendoodle puppy who is pretty good at keeping my life busy.
  • My favorite thing for us to do is drive with the windows down listening to music on our way to the dog park.
  • I have a BIG family; (over 60) and each year we take a skiing trip around Christmas time
  • That being said, I dislike cold weather very much; I NEED the sun and warm weather
  • My best and I have been best friends since we’ve been 2; we went to grade school, high school, and college together ☺
  • It’s a personal victory when I can get the automatic sink to come on the first time I put my hands underneath it.
  • I love to scrapbook. Sounds old-fashioned but I think there is something special about a tangible album compared to a Facebook folder.
  • I am a morning person, I set an alarm, but most of the time I wake up before it and spring out of bed.

This may not be the most crazy, interesting list of facts. But they are facts about me, things that are important to me and make me not you. Make a list for yourself. They don’t have to be crazy facts. What makes you happy? What are the little things you enjoy? What are the most important things in your life?  

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