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Female Feature Friday #5

Ultimately, I hope to inspire people to rethink what a healthy lifestyle means to them and stay true to themselves in the process.

Danielle Webb @wanderfully.wholesome

Hello! My name is Danielle Webb and I’m a local to the Portland, OR area. I love exploring in search of delicious food, adventuring around the Pacific Northwest, and spending time with my husky pup and sweet husband. 
Anyone who knows me, knows I’m probably the biggest homebody you’ll ever meet. Don’t believe me? I have a sign in my living room that reads “Let’s Stay Home” … ya know, just in case I ever get a wild hair and need a good reminder. With that being said, some of my favorite activities include: cooking, baking, dancing around my kitchen, watching TV, snuggling on the couch, and… did I mention TV? Yeah, huge fan. 
I also love meeting new people who share a passion for nutrition, exercise, blogging, and adventuring to find the nearest foodie spot! This online community has brought so many amazing people into my life, Emily being one of them (obvi), and I couldn’t be more grateful! 
I have a blog, by the name of Wanderfully Wholesome. I spell it “Wanderfully” to express my adventure [or wandering] in search of tasty, wholesome food! I love to share simple, healthy recipes that I whip up in my kitchen and will be adding restaurant photography services and content features for some of my favorite travel spots [coming soon]. 
Ultimately, I hope to inspire people to rethink what a healthy lifestyle means to them and stay true to themselves in the process. It’s time we get back to the basics of real, wholesome ingredients put together to make simple, flavorful meals. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring – so that’s what you’ll find in my recipes! [in other words, you won’t be asked to go into the redwood forest and scavenge a local mushroom and bark from the tree for ingredients… haha I kid, I kid. But really. I keep it simple.] 
Along with sharing recipes on my blog, I work with restaurants to capture their menu and atmosphere. My passion for photography and taking [way] too many pictures of my food have collided into my role as a restaurant photographer. My business is just a bebe right now but I have high hopes for this little one! Stay tuned for more to come on this very soon! 
So, before I wrap this up, I wanted to share 10 random facts about me – and encourage you to comment with a fact of your own!
1. I grew up in the small town of Gig Harbor, WA and hope to move back there in a few years2. We have a 5 year old Siberian Husky names Caedus (weird name, I know) and a 2 year old cat named Douglas Fur (much better name, chosen by yours truly)3. I’d say my most used phrase is “can you add avocado to that?”4. I graduated from Oregon State University in 2015 with a major in Business, Marketing and my current day job is a marketing coordinator for a local healthcare business5. I love waffles more than what is probably deemed “normal” (but, I’ve never been one for “normal” anyways)6. I’ve traveled to Canada almost every year of my life since I was about 7 years old and even lived there for a month working at a summer camp. I always say if I wasn’t American, I’d want to be Canadian!7. My perfect morning is one spent sipping my coffee with a view of the water (and my goal is to own a house one day that allows for just that)8. My family has been a boating family for as long as I can remember! I was raised on the water and it truly is my happy place 9. My favorite movie is and always will be Mean Girls, followed by Bridesmaids 10. I  met my husband in high school at the ripe age of 17, we got married 2 years ago, and the rest is history!

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