Paris (and Bruges) food guide:

Parisians take pride in where they get their food/ingredients. Everything is local, fresh, and cared for.

I never really believed people when they said the food scene in Europe was INSANELY different then America. I didn’t even know what that was supposed to mean….. until I went to Paris. Literally my first bite of food when I got there, I finally understood- quality, ingredients, freshness, and care. Food In Paris is LIFE. What I mean is, Parisians take pride in where they get their food/ingredients. Everything is local, fresh, and cared for. People shop daily for what they need for dinner and the next morning- I mean you literally can’t buy more then that or it will go stale/bad (believe me, my sister and I tried)!! But that how food is supposed to be. All the food vendors and cooks took so much pride in their food, they loved talking about it and answering any/all question s we had. My sister and I do not have the best tummies (a lot of health issues), but we were able to eat ALL THE THINGS in Paris and we literally never got sick. It was a freaking DREAM TRIP.

Treat at the top of the Eiffel Tower

…..Anyways, here are just dome of the places we explored! Hope it helps on your next Paris foodie adventure!! 🙂


1. Coutume- ( https://www.instagram.com/coutumecafe/ )


My order- Tartine (toast with butter topped with cheese and flashed cooked cold veggies) + cold brew. I can’t really judge this place because I went right after the long flight in and not sleeping, and I was starving so anything sounded good. However, I wasn’t a fan of cold crunchy veggies on top my toast and they did not have nondairy milk, so wasn’t a huge fan. But the menu seems really yummy and if you like regular milk their lattes look delish.

2. Ob-La-Di- ( https://www.instagram.com/obladicafe/ )


My order- vegan chia pudding + yogurt bowl with GF granola to share + oat milk latte.

Sisters order- Avocado toast w/ a poached egg + oat milk latte

This place was SUPER cute, and the staff was very friendly. We were told they had the BEST avo toast in Paris and my sister agreed. I LOVED the chia pudding and the yogurt bowl was good but we booth agree we should have got a different granola on it. I also love that they had oat milk. Its also a very insta worthy place. 😉

3. Republique of Coffee- ( https://www.instagram.com/republiqueofcoffee/ )

Our order: Yogurt pancakes, green smoothie bowl, almond milk latte, charcoal vanilla almond milk latte.

4. Season- ( https://www.instagram.com/seasonparis/ )

Our order: Green pancakes, green smoothie, avo toast with bacon and eggs.

5. Baguett’s café- ( https://www.instagram.com/baguettscafe/ )

Our order: Basic porridge and oat milk lattes

6.  BOL Porridge bar-  ( http://www.bolporridgebar.com/ )

Our orders: oat milk latte and oat milk mocha with bol sport bowl add frozen berries (we need an oatmeal bar in the states!! lol)

7. Wild and the moon café- ( http://www.wildandthemoon.fr/?lang=en )

Most “LA-Like” health food cafe inParis! lol

Our order: vegan banana bread topped with cashew butter and chia seeds, blue majik bowls, charcoal latte and chaga mocha.


1. Kasha- ( https://www.facebook.com/kashaparis/ )

Our order: tomato pesto crepe and the veggie salad bowl + cocktails

2. Les Apotres de Pigalle- ( http://lesapotresdepigalle.fr/en/ )

Our order: guacamole, beet hummus, sweet potatoes, burrata cheese plate, (sister also got the duck and ceviche) + all the bread!

3. Esperantie Kitchen & Bar- ( https://www.facebook.com/Esperantie/ )

FAV kinda meal in Paris!!

My order: burrata and pesto plate, roasted veggies, bread, wine.


1. Amorino- ( https://www.amorino.com/en/index.html )

            This is a chain gelato place that also has coffee, macaroons, and smoothies. However, they are most known for their flower gelato. I got the coconut, coffee, and chocolate sorbet on a cone. It was very yummy for sure, but I mostly got it for the flower design…. Read the other gelato places below for more authentic delish gelato options!

2. Chocolat Illene- ( https://www.instagram.com/chocolatillene/ )

Macaroon and chocolate shop

Ok this place is AMAZING!! And a MUST when you visit Paris. This place is one of a kind. Everything is home made in the back of the store and the owner is the sweetest lady. DEF RECOMMEND!

3. Angelina- ( http://www.angelina-paris.fr/en/ )

Our order: the famous hot chocolate and the seasonal strawberry cake

4. Pozzetto- ( https://www.instagram.com/pozzettoparis/ )

5. Grom- ( https://www.instagram.com/gromgelato/ )

*** wanted to go but didn’t: Berthillon- ( https://www.facebook.com/berthillon/ )


1. la Grande Epicerie Pari – ( https://www.lagrandeepicerie.com/ )

The most amazing food store in Paris!! They have different section with baked goods (tried their chocolate croissant and baguette), cheese, pasta, sushi, etc… a HUGE hot bar of food! A MUST if your coming from America and love whole foods!


      a. Chez Alain Miam Miam- ( https://www.facebook.com/ChezAlainMiamMiam )

This place is a MUST if you want an AMAZING crepe and crazyyyy huge sandwiches. Yes, there is basic crepe places everywhere… but this one is real and authentic!! Plus, the owner is sooo cute and funny. He just opened an actually store front, but still has a stall right across the street in the oldest market in France.

      b. Creperie Gigi- ( https://www.instagram.com/gigi_creperie/ )

This place we stumbled upon after another crepe place we wanted to go was not open and im sooo glad we did. It was this little hidden café that was so cute. We knew it was super authentic too when they didn’t have an English menu and they were having trouble talking with us, but it all worked out. We got their weekly special: strawberries white chocolate with frozen yogurt on top and the mushroom, truffle, ham crepe! They were delish!!

3. Roof Top bar= Le Perchoir Marais- (https://www.facebook.com/LePerchoirMarais )

Amazing views and delicious cheese and veggie plate! But I suggest getting there 30 min before they open. There is always a line of people waiting to get a good seat!!

Bruges, Belgium food:

1. Reliva- ( http://reliva.be/réliva_uk.html )

My order: mushroom risotto

Sisters order: cold zucchini soup w. crostini, baked curry cod

Dessert: raw vegan coconut berry cheesecake and vegan chocolate pudding

2. The old Chocolate House- ( http://www.oldchocolatehouse.com/ )

My order: the famous hot chocolate with coconut milk and mix of dark and milk chocolate + Belgium waffle with chocolate hazelnut mouse and banana.

3. Cambrinus Bierbrasserie- ( http://www.cambrinus.eu/english.htm )

Known for there huge beer selection, so a must if that’s your thing. But My sister and cousin came here for the Bruges specialty… Flemish stew.

    a. Chocolate shops: The chocolate line, Olivers chocolate shop and bar,

    b. Things we did/should do: Chocolate museum, fry museum, river tour, explore all the chocolate shops, etc. There is also a beer museum and medieval museum if your into that!

What Paris food scene is all about: community, quality, enjoyment, and love!!
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