Not just with food, but with your overall well-being. There is more to life than food, and there is more to food than calories. I want to help you find/understand the root of your issues- to help you regain a life of true confidence and freedom from a world of diets and disordered eating. Let me help you nourish your body and mind, not deprive it. 

disordered eating/
eating disorders


food obsession/

general health/ wellness/nutrition concerns.

My heart lies with mental health and nutrition- specifically eating disorders/disordered eating (orthorexia, “clean eating,” obsessive eating, etc), anxiety/depression in regards to food, intuitive eating (and finding out what that actually means to you), and body kindness/ body positivity (learning to love yourself at every stage of life).

Appointment Offerings


1 hour initial session, 45 minute follow-up sessions

These sessions are all about you, your struggles, and your goals with the convenience and comfort of your own home: you can work with me from anywhere. Let’s work on getting to the root of your health struggles, let me keep you accountable and be your biggest cheerleader along the way. We all need help, I am here to provide that for you.


Group discounts available

Want to get out of the house/office for a session? Pick a local coffee shop, and lets meet there! Have fear around restaurants, certain foods, or social eating? Let’s go out to a challenge meal together and work through it. I am here to make food fun again and learn to nourish your body and mind. Food is fun, food is social, food is everywhere- I am here to help you re learn that.

office, school class, sports team, etc:

Contact me with your specific needs.

Want a Registered dietitian to come speak to your class, office, sports team, etc? I’m your Dietitian. Want to learn more about intuitive eating, health at every size, eating disorders (and what to look for), or general nutrition/ health & wellness? I love spreading my knowledge! Shoot me a message and let’s talk details! 🙂

Other Offerings

other / Contract Work

Cost / time ranges

Grocery store tour, pantry/fridge clean out (home visit), Menu updates/help, … have something else in mind? Let’s chat! 🙂 

Partner / Collab events

Cost / time ranges

Brand partnership / collaborations

Events: Want me at your event? Want to Co-host event together? Etc.

Ready to Get Started?

Still have questions? We can chat!

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